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What are the classifications of warp knitted mesh fabrics?

Warp knitted mesh fabric classification:

1. Raschel net
Warp knitted elastic mesh is the most important product on the elastic warp knitting machine, such as elastic hexagonal mesh, diamond elastic mesh, Jonestin, etc., generally interwoven with spandex and nylon, and the content of spandex is more than 10%, so it has a strong Its elasticity, often used as clothing, has strong adhesive force and shape correcting ability.

2. Tricot mesh
Trico mesh products are produced on HKS series machines and warp knitting machines. The mesh structure of the warp knitting machine is generally left-right symmetrical. When weaving, it is left-right or up-down symmetrical. The same line symmetrical cushion is used between the two lines, which is widely used in Mosquito nets, curtains, lace and other sewing.
The warp-knitted mesh is also realized through ingenious cutting, sewing and auxiliary processing. When the warp-knitted mesh is used for clothing, it has sufficient gaps, good moisture permeability, air permeability and temperature regulation functions; It has wide adaptability and can be made into soft and elastic clothing; it has good surface properties, dimensional stability and joint breaking strength; it can be used as lining and fabric for special clothing, warp-knitted spacer fabrics, and safety vests.

Warp knitted mesh has good heat preservation, moisture absorption and quick drying properties. At present, the main applications of warp knitted mesh in leisure sports are: sports shoes, swimming suits, diving suits, sports protective clothing, etc.
Used for sewing mosquito nets, curtains, lace; medical elastic bandages of various shapes; military antennas and camouflage nets.

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