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What are the introductions about recycled fabrics?

Recycled fabrics are recycled fabrics that are washed and processed again to rejuvenate them and become fabrics that can be used and sold again. In this process, many procedures are required. Recycled fabrics are evolved through various materials through technical means. Among them, the power of environmental protection is also due to the precipitation of technology.

The concept of environmental protection in today's society is getting stronger and stronger. Throughout the major textile fabric exhibitions, not to mention the theme is closely related to environmental protection, all kinds of exhibitors have marked their own fabrics with environmental protection labels, and many exhibitors will even obtain The "Global Recycling Standard for Textiles and Apparel (GRS)" certificate was displayed at the booth to the audience.

From "recycled fabrics" to "recycled clothing", the entire industry chain is gradually becoming clear and clear. But are recycled fabrics really suitable for the entire market?
At present, there are few countries that can accept recycled fabrics, and the market share is not high, and its rise originated in the European market. Due to the increase in clothing consumption in the EU year by year, the service life of a single piece of clothing has been greatly reduced, resulting in a lot of textile waste and pollution. According to market research, some countries add 9.5 kg of clothes per capita every year, but the recycling rate in 2017 is only about 36%, and the recycling rate of textile fabrics in the EU is even lower, only about 20%. To this end, the EU government has ordered a ban on textile waste and requires member states to carry out special textile recycling from 2025 to improve the recycling rate of textile fabrics.