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What are the introductions to the production of mesh cloth tennis shoes and running shoes?

Mesh cloth is widely used in our daily life, and its advantages are mainly divided into the following three categories:
1. The main material mesh, used in the exposed area of ​​the upper, is light and has good air permeability and bending resistance, such as sandwich mesh;
2. Collar accessories, such as velvet, BK cloth;
3. Lining accessories, such as Lixin cloth. The main features are wear resistance and good ventilation.

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the use of mesh to make shoes has become a new technical solution. This is because mesh is a relatively special upper material for shoes that require light weight and breathability, such as running shoes.

In order to achieve the effect of light and breathable, tennis shoes and running shoes will use a large area of ​​mesh; while the tongue part of basketball shoes uses mesh, and other parts rarely use mesh. Mesh is generally used for shoe bodies such as running shoes that strongly require breathability and lightness.

Now generally speaking, mesh materials are divided into two types:
1. Dynamic 3D mesh Lycraspandex-mesh manufactured by 3D stretching technology, using dynamic elastic fiber, just like the comfortable material with strong stretch elasticity in all directions on the boot cover (Lycra).
2. In fact, it has only really matured in the last two years. With the large-scale launch of the SHOX series, the mesh cloth molded by injection molding is more like a leather material than the above, combining the common characteristics and appearance of cloth fabric and leather. , the representative work is NIKESHOXR4 (+), AirMaxTailwind series. A small number of the material's uppers are even improved to be waterproof.

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