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What Is Nylon Spandex Cotton-Like Fabric?

Nylon Spandex is a very versatile material that is often used in sportswear and costume design. It is a type of elastomeric fiber that can expand by up to 500% but can recover to its original size when not in use. This makes it an excellent substitute for natural rubber in clothing, as it's lightweight and comfortable on the skin.

The process used to produce spandex begins with a prepolymer, which is created by mixing a macroglycol and a diisocyanate monomer. The reaction produces a material with various properties, depending on the ratio between the two materials. A typical ratio is about 1:2 between glycol and diisocyanate.

The main use for spandex is in form-fitting clothing. Most stretchy garments have some spandex, especially in the waistband. Wool and cotton socks also contain large amounts of the fabric, which helps them stay on the feet. It is also used in athletic apparel as a support hose.

Since spandex is made of synthetic materials, it cannot be certified organic or non-GMO. However, it can be certified by the Global Recycled Standard if made from 100 percent recycled materials. However, this still does not negate the negative impact of this fabric on the environment.

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