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What is the effect of single layer mesh yarn on textile products?

The effect of single-layer mesh yarn on textile products:

1 Warmth
The structural characteristics of the single-layer mesh fabric yarn have a certain relationship with the warmth retention of the clothing, because the structure of the yarn determines whether a static air layer can be formed between the fibers.
The yarn structure is fluffy, and there are many voids in the fabric to form an air layer. When there is no wind, there is more still air, and the warmth retention is better; and when there is wind, the air can smoothly pass between the yarns, so the cooling is better.
For yarns with a tight structure, the fabric structure woven by them is relatively tight, so the air flow is blocked, and the warmth retention is better; when the structure is too tight, the air retained in the fabric is reduced, that is, the static air is reduced, then Warmth is poor.

2. Hygroscopicity
The hygroscopicity of the yarn depends on the fiber properties and the yarn structure. If the filament yarn is smooth, the woven fabric is easy to stick to the body. If the fabric is relatively tight, it is difficult for moisture to penetrate the fabric. The short fiber yarns have fur on the surface, which reduces contact with the skin and improves breathability for a comfortable fit.

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