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What is the knowledge about nylon cloth?

In our daily life, we often use nylon cloth, and we often come into contact with nylon fabric. However, many people don't quite understand, what material is nylon cloth? People who have never used it may ask, what does nylon feel like?

First of all, nylon cloth is made of nylon. Nylon is a kind of synthetic fiber, it was developed by American scientists and their team, and it is also the first synthetic fiber in the world. Nylon and polyamide fibers are another name for nylon. The advent of nylon enabled a major breakthrough in the textile industry and was also an important milestone in chemistry. Nylon is mainly used for synthetic fibers. Its biggest feature is its strong wear resistance. Therefore, adding nylon to mixed textiles can greatly improve its wear resistance. In addition, nylon is often used in engineering plastics, suitable for making wear-resistant parts, wear-resistant parts, etc. But at the same time nylon has poor heat resistance, moisture absorption and dyeing properties.

Nylon feels very comfortable, cold and slippery to the touch, so many sportswear is made of nylon fabric. At the same time, because nylon has strong wear resistance, it can also reduce friction as sportswear and is not easy to damage. Because it feels very smooth, it is often used in the knitting industry and the silk industry. The single stockings and elastic stockings that girls wear every day are made of nylon fabrics.

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