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What is the Versatility of Nylon Spandex Cotton-Like Fabric?

Whether you are looking for a new pair of shorts or a new pair of socks, you will find that a nylon spandex cotton-like fabric is very versatile. The material is lightweight, strong and allows you to move without chafing. It also allows you to breathe. You can wear it in just about any season, which makes it a great option for all types of clothing.

Nylon is an elastomeric fiber, meaning that it has stretch. Its elasticity allows the material to stretch up to 600% without breaking. It is not as spongy as rubber, and it also has a soft and supple feel. It can also resist heat, chlorine, and other environmental conditions.
Aside from being used in athletic wear, spandex fabric is also commonly found in underwear and swimwear. The fabric is also used in motion capture suits for the film industry. In these types of garments, it allows the actors to be realistic and to appear 3-dimensional.

The fabric can also be made from 100% recycled materials, and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard. However, the environmental impact of spandex remains.